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Laugh because it's funny and cry because it's true!

Many of the hilarious moments on Everybody Loves Raymond were lifted directly from the lives of Ray Romano, Phil Rosenthal and the show’s writers. In these behind the scenes video segments Ray and Phil (occasionally joined by show writers and cast members) reveal the origins and back story of some of the funniest Raymond episodes.

Season 3 – The Toaster

Ray and Phil discuss the backstory behind the Season 3 holiday episode, “The Toaster”.

Reunion in Las Vegas

Entertainment Tonight catches up with the Everybody Loves Raymond reunion in Las Vegas in 2014.


Regis and Kelly bid farewell to the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Patricia Heaton’s TV Family

Patricia Heaton talks about her “Everybody Loves Raymond” family.

Phil Rosenthal

Phil Rosenthal discusses the final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.