See if you can make a hole-in-one!

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Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to correct for the wind and adjust the direction of the ball.
Press the DOWN arrow to activate the power meter.
Release the DOWN arrow to swing the club!

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Everybody Loves Raymond Official Episode Guide
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 3 reviews
 by Tratty Rattle

This game is the only thing keeping my family together after my wife has left us for my neighbor, Mitch. Mitch plays this game too so that's why I'm not giving it all five stars just four because Mitch is a dumb slut just like Sheila.

 by Patricia Strawson
Lotsa fun!

Only just discovered this site. I am a big fan of the show, it's much loved here in England.

Love this game, will be dropping by often! x

 by Sammy Raymond
God has shined His light upon us again

Me and my wife Linda were watching TV, when I decided to watch Everybody Loves Raymond (my ALL time favorite show). All I got, was this weird website, for EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND Fanz? This has got to be kidding me! So I look over to this game, and this game is amazing. It has everything I loove. Golf, and sport. And everybody loves Raymond. This couldn't have been made by a human. Only an angel could have made this. This is proof that God is real. AMen.